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" The overcoat just arrived. It is beautiful, I am very pleased with the fit and the finish.I will use your company again when the time comes and have no hesitation in recommending you to friends.
David F..........(England) . "

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Welcome to MYTAILORSTORE.COM – Bespoke Custom Tailoring 

The Clothes Make the Man. 

Ask any man who has owned a custom tailored suit what is so special about a bespoke suit, and he’ll immediately know that you’ve never owned anything but cheap, off-the-rack department store specialties.  Known for their high fashion, perfect fit, and expert craftsmanship, a fine custom tailored suit is something that every man should have in his wardrobe.  

The human body is a very diverse thing.  How can a garment that has been mass-produced possibly replicate the comfort and tailored look of a fine handmade suit?  A custom suit, as crafted by MYTAILORSTORE is the height of sophistication and style for the modern businessman, without the inconvenience of visiting your local tailor.

Your suit can be crafted from a variety of fabrics, from silk to wool, cotton or linen.  Our tailors can craft a suit to your preferred cut: double-breasted, slim cut, Italian, or other popular styles that have become in vogue in recent years. Like all fashion, business wear is an evolving art.  Designers are always pushing the limits of fashion, bringing back old styles and modifying them for the modern man.  MYTAILORSTORE will craft a wardrobe that meets your level of sophistication, style, and comfort.

The perfect Outfit for your Needs

Whether you’re planning on attending a wedding, promenade, or a job interview, we will craft the perfect suit for you.  Our website has a wide variety of made-to-order clothing for your consideration in all different cuts and designs.

What do We Offer?

Simply stated, anything that you would like to include in your wardrobe!  We carry a wide range of men’s clothing including:

For the ladies, we offer a stunning array of fashionable choices, which include:

  • Custom tailored blouses
  • Skirts
  • Pant suits
  • Skirt suits
  • Jackets

Our master tailors make all garments in house.  We do not outsource the work, which can often lead to misfits, poor stitching, and subpar fabric.  Quality is the focus of every garment that we make.

Ordering Is Easy

Going to a tailor is cumbersome.  You have to make an appointment, often waiting weeks to be seen.  You have to wait, sometimes for an hour or more until you’re called back to the fitting room.  You’re then subjected to an uncomfortable measuring process.  Once you’ve finished being measured, selecting your fabric and cut, you’ll often have to wait weeks to see your finished product.  Why not order from the comfort of your own home using MYTAILORSTORE’s easy to use and interactive website?

Our website makes ordering a custom tailored suit extremely easy.  We provide a vast array of information to help you make a decision.  We offer the latest designs on display, shown in stunning high definition.  We place an extreme emphasis on customer service and satisfaction.  You can be sure that when you order clothing from MYTAILORSTORE, you’ll receive the best fitting, best looking, and most comfortable clothing you can find.
Without question, we will provide you with high class design, quality fabric, and masterful craftsmanship!


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